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Cap of the day: always here for you

8.03 Toxic
Cutting it close today...
I love Clark comforting Lois. He's such a sweetheart.

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..::.. someday i'll be part of your worl

Cap of the Day; Can you read my mind?

8.19 Stiletto
  Lois:  Hello?

Clark: Is this Lois Lane, the reporter?

Lois: Who wants to know?

This is The Red-Blue Blur.
Lois: [ Scoffs ] Yeah, right. How do I know you're not some deep throat wannabe with a lot of time on his creepy hands?

[ Air whooshes ]

Clark: Look down. I received your letter, Miss Lane.

Lois: Call me Lois -- if you want. And while we're at it, do you want to weigh in on the whole "Red-Blue Blur" thing? Because it's kind of a mouthful on this end.

Clark: I think there's probably a better name out there, and if there's anyone who'll find it, it's you, Miss Lane.

Lois: I'll put my best men on it. And by "men," I mean me because I work in the basement and employ pretty much no one, unless you count my intern. I'm sorry. I'm rambling.

Clark: [ Chuckles ] You're nervous.

Lois: Can you read my mind? [ Scoffs ] Who am I kidding? It's Saturday night, and I hightailed it down here because I have one obsession right now, and it's you. And when you didn't respond to my skywriting, I just --

Clark:  it was a nice ony the between you and me, I could use a little work on that subtle thing. You know there's nothing wrong with taking your job seriously.

Lois: There is when you don't know who you'd be without it.

Clark: Something tells me you know yourself better than you think. Lois, you're a great reporter -- all on your own. You don't need a hero or some gimmick to make a headline.

Lois: Thanks. My editor would kill me, but... I don't want this story. What I've really been wondering is... what is it that you need? I mean, you've dedicated your life to a city full of strangers. And I'm not saying that I know what it's like to be a hero, but... even the fastest blur in the world can't outrun loneliness. I guess what I'm saying is... ...if you ever want to talk -- totally off the record -- I'm only a phone call away.

Clark: I'll keep that in mind. And, Lois... when I'm ready to tell the world my secret, you'll be the first to know.

(This is Thursdays, my apologies)