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clois_daily's Journal

Clois Every Day
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Clois Fans Daily Dose of Clois!

Welcome to Clois Daily, where it is Clois everyday!
Welcome to your daily source of teh sex couple through caps!
What is it?
clois_daily is a community where each day, pictures/mini-picspams of or related to Clois will be posted by one of the mods. We'd like this to be more then just another caps community though & have it be interactive & more of an epic squee-age CAPS ZOMG community for all your fangasm-needs. We're planning to have challenges each month, recs, discussion posts, macro parties & you can post any time as long as it someone relates to Clois/Smallville. We're being really flexible with rules here, we all want to have fun!
We've made this community to bring Cloisers together through epic squeeing & to brighten up your flist with the prettiest OTP in the world. Season 9 thus far has been amazing & with all the negativity now surrounding us about our show, we wanted to make a community Cloisers felt safe coming to discuss & be happy about Lois & Clark.
Plus they have really nice hair.
Any Rules?
All rules can be found below.
I have a question, who should I ask?
You can PM any of the mods & we'll be happy to help!
Community Rules
(yes, there are some :P)
All spoilers are to be put under a cut with a warning! Also, don't talk about spoilers/use icons with spoilers in comments/entries. Please wait at least 7 DAYS after an episode has aired to post a cap/picture of that episode outside a cut.
No fanworks pimpage
This isn't a community to post or pimp your personal fanworks (picspams, fics, icons, vids, etc.) but you're welcome to post them in the Master Rec post here. The only fanworks posted in the community however are the once-a-day mini picspams/caps by mods.
Challenges are pretty open to your interpretation- but unless it clearly states it in the challenge, icons/fics/vids shouldn't be posted for them. Challenges are meant to be personal- rather you write something for us, picspam something for us, draw something, make a diagram, really anything: it's fine to post, just make sure it fits the challenge. You may suggest a challenge in our community suggestion box here. Also and concerns or feedback to help improve our community can also be left in a comment on that entry.
Unless you're making a discussion post/event post then everything needs to connect to Clois in SOME way. PM a mod if unsure.
Promoting other communities and sites are allowed as long as they are focused on Clois, Clark, or Lois or the actors that portray them.
And last but not least
This is a CLOIS community for fans of CLOIS obviously, if not a fan of the relationship then don't join & be a douche by trolling.
Affiliates, Credits, etc.
Our Affiliates
Are listed here/apply?

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